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    Under the influence of COVID-19, our university started online learning arrangements for international students since February, 17th. In order to ensure the orderly teaching and guarantee international students’ learning results, Ye Miao, the dean of CIE, and Lin Aiju, the secretary of CIE, as well as eight other lecturers and staff visited international students’ dorm for mid-term learning check on April 29th and 30th, 2020.


     During the visit, students of seven majors from 40 rooms in building one and two of District D. International students showed their study situation and shared their learning experience, as well as made suggestions for online classes. Dean Ye has put forward some requirements for international students, such as attend classes on time, obey class disciplines, finish homework timely, and prepare well for final exam. After Ye approved students' learning situation, she also asked about international students’ daily life, making them feel comfortable to stay and study in WZU. 


    This visitshowed that the online learning has been in a good order up to now and has laid a solid foundation for later on online learning activities.

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Wenzhou University (WZU), nestled within green mountains and blue waterways in the beautiful coastal city of Wenzhou in southern Zhejiang province, is a dynamic and comprehensive regional university growing alongside the Reform and Opening-up momentum of China and presenting a rich cultural atmosphere and fine educational tradition. Among the fine programs our university has, according to ESI (September 2019), the chemistry, material science, and engineering science in WZU were listed among top 1% in ESI ranking the world, 145th in the nation and 8th in Zhejiang Province.
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Wenzhou University offers an exceptional range, choice and depth of study. Our undergraduate students choose from over 21 majors offered by 15 colleges of WZU, learn from the best minds, get involved with research, and take advantage of smaller learning communities. Working with faculty and other students in close-knit communities, our students tailor their experiences to their interests and develop passions that help them make their mark on the world.

I was highly convinced that Wenzhou University was the best institution for me to pursue my Master’s program and to spur me on to greater heights in my career.

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Wenzhou University invites applications from well-qualified students from around the world. Our international students come from the 168 countries and regions.

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At WZU, exceptional students become extraordinary people by seeking to develop everything about themselves. Our students have many things to be passionate about: student clubs, recreation, athletics

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Wenzhou is the best of all worlds. Wenzhou’s living mosaic continues to draw the best and the brightest, who come here seeking world-class business, culture, entertainment and education in one of the safest cities in the world.


Scholarships at provide an opportunity for outstanding international students to study at Wenzhou University. The scholarship programs are intended to recognize students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement.
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