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Fire Safety and Evacuation Drill held at WZU

On April 25,jointly held by CIE and Security Office, Fire Safety and Evacuation Drill was held in Building NO.1, D section at WZU.

Li Mengyao, a student from Thailand, found fire and called the police, signaling the beginning of WZU fire drill. Once firemen arrived, they started to put out the fire, rescue the wounded and guide other students to evacuate from the building. On each floor of the building, community assists gave out wet towels to students for evacuation. After evacuation drill, firemen showed students how to use fire extinguisher.

“Fire drill helps test how effective a fire evacuation plan is and how to improve. After fire drill, students, in the event of a fire emergency, will know how to stay calm and alert and follow procedure,” said Okyere Mintah Benjamin, a software engineering from Ghana.

It is known that more than 400 foreign students live in Building NO.1, D section, accounting for 80% of the total. Their personal safety concerns us as it is an important part of campus’s stability. The fire drill improves their awareness about fire prevention and help them how to respond in fire accident.