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Lunch with the Dean

At lunchtime of March 31, six international students from colleges of Business and Law had an enjoyable lunch with the Dean at the coffee bar on the first floor of Building 3, North Campus. These six international students, from Malaysia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and Malawi were eager to share their life and study stories with the dean. And simultaneously, the Dean hoped to know more about the international students. Lunch enabled international students to become better involved with the Dean and WZU to share more about the needs of international students.


During the lunch-hour, the amiable Dean Ye Miao asked the international students about their studies and life at WZU. She also inquired about their parentshealth back in their home countries, hoping they are safe and sound. Dean Ye learned that some of these students had helped in the fight against COVID-19 as volunteers, and expressed her thanks to them. She said that we achieved to build an international student community with a zero-infection rate because of students like them. The international students shared there are no signs in English in public facilities, and that online courses are not convenient for international students outside of China, as well as some other difficulties they have experienced.. Dean Ye listened to them carefully, and discussed with them on ways to improve these issues, promising to report these problems to relevant departments and colleges.

The one-hour lunch went on quickly and harmoniously. The international students spoke highly about the lunch, saying they had warm feelings in their hearts dining with the Dean.

The leadership of CIE hopes to know more about international students by dining with them. These dining experiences will provide better services for international students by enabling them to get a better education. It reported that Lunch with the Dean will be held regularly, and will serve as a bridge between international students and the University to better understand one another.