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“Productivity Essentials- A Purpose Driven Life” An Effective Lecture for International Students

On the afternoon of March 31, an effective lecture Productivity Essentials- A Purpose Driven Life by Brett Lyndall, a postgraduate student of Wenzhou Medical University, thrilled international students in Room 311, Building 3, North Campus, WZU.

Brett Lyndall inspired international students presenting with his own start-up story and encouraged them to set up and pursue their own dreams. Banda Joshua, a Zambian student majoring in bio engineering said this lecture enlightened her to have faith in her dreams and to focus on the most important things and nothing else. People are always distracted by things that are disguised as important to their dreams and they get confused by asking themselves why they cannot make their dreams come true. As Brett Lyndall said, “Objects and foresight are what people need to realize one's dream.” 

Brett Lyndall, from South Africa, is a founder of AOM Medical Group, an African healthcare initiative company. He is also a medical doctor with a masters of medicine in pediatrics and an ambassador for Brand South Africa, Global South Africans and was a Zhejiang Province excellence graduate.