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“A Trip to Rui’an, Know More about Wenzhou”—Wenzhou University Summer Social Practice Activities for International Students WentSmoothly

    To enhance the practical ability of international students, broaden their horizons and know Wenzhou more deeply, Fang Jianxiao, Deputy Secretary of the College of International Education (Overseas Students Education & Services), led a team  of international student counselors and students from Nigeria and Ghana for the summer social practice activities on July 15. These activities were held in the Happy Valley in Rui’an.

    PETER OGECHI PEACE, a Chinese language student from Nigeria, expressed his gratitude to the university for this opportunity. He said these activities enabled them to get relief from the stress of their studies and to cool off in the hot summer, as well as to have an in-depth understanding of Wenzhou.

    It is reported that the international students participating in this activity are members of the newly formed international student choir of the university, who had achieved remarkable results in previous choral competitions. They were singing and laughing all the way there and were very excited. In Rui’an Happy Valley, they impressed local people with their energetic dances. This trip enhanced the teamwork and cohesion of the international student choir, helping them win a promising development.