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A Working Meeting for International Student’s Affairs Specialists Was Held

    A working meeting for international student’s affairs specialists was held in Room 212, Building 3, on April 14. The Student’s Affairs Office, the Admissions Office of Overseas Students Education & Services, the international student’s affairs specialists of each college, teachers from the Office of Academic Affairs, and the Office of Accounting and Finance attended the seminar. Fang Jianxiao, Deputy Director of CPC WZU-CIE Committee, hosted the meeting.

    At the beginning of the meeting, Fang Jianxiao briefly explained the purpose of the meeting, and thanked the international student’s affairs specialists from each college for their dedication and support to the work of international students. He hoped that they would talk about their opinions on the problems with the management of international students. The atomosphere at the meeting was relaxed and free atmosphere where everyone felt like equals. The international student’s affairs specialists from each college expressed their views on various practical problems they encountered in their daily work and fully communicated with the counselors of the CIE on the issues of study, cultural and sports activities, as well as living conditions and mental health of international students. They brought forward some constructive opinions on the management, which reflected their care and concern for the development of international students.

    At last, Fang Jianxiao made a summary stating that the management of international students should be combined with leniency and strictness. Since there are differences of people's behaviors and lifestyles from different cultures, the difficulties in the management of international students exist. We should look at the difficulties with a developmental viewpoint. Overseas Students Education & Services will carefully sort out and study those difficulties and find suitable solutions to provide better services to support international students’ education work at colleges.