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The Fifth “China in My Eye” Competition Concluded Successfully


      The fifth “China in My Eye” competition, which was held to help international students to share their holiday experiences in China, recently concluded with success. Chen Catarina and four other students won the first, second and third prizes respectively.


     The theme of the competition was “I Wenzhou.” The competition allowed international students to show their stories of living and learning Wenzhou, and it provided an opportunity for them to practice their Chinese writing skills. Chen Catarina, an international student from Portugal who majored in Chinese literature, won the first prize. She came to WZU in 2019 to learn the Chinese language and she graduated in 2020 as a language student. In her article “My Study in WZU,” she shared her learning experience at university, as well as her observation on differences between Portugal and China. She wrote that she met many people at CIE WZU, including teachers, friends, classmates, and aunts and uncles who work in the canteen and dormitory. She shared they have been very nice, kind, and gave her lots of help. At CIE WZU, she learned and experienced many things that she could not back in Portugal. She experienced Chinese traditional culture, tasted local food, and lived like a local person would. Other prize winners also described their experience learning and living at WZU in their own styles.


    “China in My Eye” is a regular competition held once a semester. It aims to encourage international students to share what they see and experience during their holiday in China, to improve their Chinese language skills, and to leave them with a good feeling about Chinese culture.