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Campus Life

Anti-fraud Lunch Talk

With the aim of doing more pragmatic work for students and teachers, CIE prepared an anti-fraud talk, Sun Anjun, Chief of Security Division of WZU, was invited as well as nine international students to talk about campus security at the lunch of May 19.

During the talk, Mr. Sun reminded these student representatives to stay away from frequently occurring things which challenge campus security, like online fraud. He hoped that the present student representatives would be made aware of online fraud themselves and remind others not to go for petty advantages, and not to release personal information to strangers. Meanwhile, Mr. Sun mentioned regulations on traffic, fire safety, and drug use, in hopes that the international students will abide by those regulations and enjoy a sound and happy life in China.

RAGONTSE ANGEL ATANG, a student from Botswana, suggested that regular fire drills and safety education should be organized and the proper way of using fire extinguishers should be taught. MAMBWE ELSA, a student from Zimbabwe, said she tried to look at the surveillance video after her electric car charger was lost, but the application process for viewing it was complicated. She hoped the relevant procedures could be simplified.

The anti-fraud education lunch talk was successfully concluded and achieved its expected effect. It is reported that CIE has enabled the international students to have a comprehensive understanding of fraud and instilled safety awareness into their minds by signing a pledge, filming a fraud prevention interview program in English with students who have once been victims of fraud to share their personal experience, and distributing fraud prevention materials. In addition, CIE invited community policemen to give fraud prevention lectures to the international students and counselors, who are to make dormitory-visits to remind them to keep an eye out for these frauds.