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The second session of post-competency training for staffs from Eternal Tsingshan Group kicks off

On February 28th, 2024, the opening ceremony of the second session of post-competency training for the Eternal Tsingshan Group was successfully held, marking a new beginning for the staffs enrolled in this esteemed program. Song Zhanmei, dean of CIE, Lin Aiju, secretary of the Party committee of CIE, Xiong Yong, vice dean of CIE, and other professors and staffs of CIE extended their warmest greetings to the incoming students.

The new students arrived in Wenzhou on February 27th, greeted by Zhu Zhentao, manager of the Comprehensive Management Department of the Fujian Representative Office of Qingshan Industrial Yongqing Group, along with Wu Quanquan and Chi Yiwen, teachers from our college's Admissions Office. The clean, tidy, and comfortable dormitory environment, along with its comprehensive facilities, were unanimously praised by the students. One student, Wahyu, expressed his heartfelt gratitude, stating, "I am deeply appreciative of Wenzhou University for providing us with a warm and nurturing learning and living environment. I am also immensely grateful to the Qingshan leaders for granting us these precious learning opportunities." This sentiment echoed throughout the incoming class, setting the tone for an exciting and productive academic year.

    To ensure a quality post-competency training, we have collaborated closely with the Group during the winter vacation. Multiple discussions and contacts were conducted to ensure all necessary logistical and academic arrangements were in place. This collaboration aimed to provide the students with a seamless experience that would highlight the warmth and camaraderie between the university and enterprise.

    On the morning of the 28th, led by Teacher Wu Quanquan, the new students visited the School History Museum of Wenzhou University. They gained insights into the founding principles and the remarkable achievements of our university, including the history of WZU. During the visit, student ROBY expressed his appreciation for the university's commitment to education and recognized the profound historical roots and continuous development of WZU.

    In the afternoon, the students attended the opening ceremony of their study. At the ceremony, Dean Song provided an overview of our academic environment and related infrastructure. Party secretary Lin warmly welcomed the incoming students and encouraged them to immerse themselves in the study of Chinese, aiming for continuous improvement in their language proficiency. On the 29th, the students took their placement exam, marking the official commencement of their academic journey according to the prescribed teaching plan.

    It is reported that the "Tsingshan Class of Wenzhou University" in the spring of 2024 marks the second consecutive customized talent training program jointly established by Wenzhou University and Tsingshan Holding Group. Building upon the impressive academic achievements of the inaugural cohort, Tsingshan Holding Group has reaffirmed its commitment by signing an additional training agreement with our college. This agreement aims to identify and invite outstanding overseas employees to further their studies at Wenzhou University, where tailored courses will be offered to nurture exceptional talent for the enterprise.

    Both parties are dedicated to cultivating individuals who possess a profound understanding of China, proficiency in Chinese, and expertise in management. This year's intake for the "Tsingshan Class" comprises 69 Indonesian students, handpicked from diverse positions within Tsingshan Group overseas branches. This diverse group of students is poised to embark on a journey that will not only enhance their professional skills but also foster a deeper understanding of China and its rich cultural heritage.