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Leaders of Eternal Tsingshan Group came to visit its staffs studying in Wenzhou University

    On the morning of March 3, 2024, Dong Jinjun, general manager of Construction Division of Indonesia Industrial Park of Eternal Tsingshan Group, visited CIE, WZU to see its 69 staffs who are going to study Chinese language in Wenzhou University this semester. Zhu Zhentao, deputy manager of Wenzhou Comprehensive Management Department of Yongqing Group, Li Yan, director, and Chen Huihui, administrative assistant, attended the meeting. Lin Aiju, party secretary of CIE committee, Xiong Yong, vice dan, and Cao Jianting, counselor attended the meeting. Vice dean Xiong presided over the meeting.

    In the meeting, Secretary Lin delved into the historical evolution and development trajectory of the Tsingshan Class at Wenzhou University. She provided an overview of the curriculum design, teaching methodologies, and key attributes of the integrated "Chinese + Skills" production and education project. Emphasizing the relevance and impact of the related coursework and specialized activities, Secretary Lin underscored their significance in bolstering students' proficiency in Chinese communication, comprehension of Chinese culture, and identification with corporate values. Furthermore, she highlighted the critical role these elements play in shaping students' personal growth and professional trajectories.

    Subsequently, general manager Dong acknowledged the accomplishments of the Tsingshan Class Project and offered his congratulations to the incoming staffs for their good luck for studying here the semester. He instructed the students to capitalize on their full-time study opportunity, diligently enhancing their Chinese proficiency through classroom instruction, extracurricular engagement, and visits to enterprises. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of internally embracing the Tsingshan spirit. This, he said, would enable them to use Chinese language more precisely and effectively in their respective positions, production chains, and communication settings upon their return to Indonesia Park. Moreover, he highlighted that Wenzhou serves as the epicenter of Tsingshan Industry, marking the genesis of the company's overseas industrial expansion, and expressed his aspiration for it to become a "dreamland" where students can pursue further growth and development.

    During the subsequent exchange session among student representatives, multiple representatives shared their experiences and insights from spending a week studying in Wenzhou. Wahyu, a student, expressed his excitement, stating, "This endeavor has provided me with a profound comprehension of the meaning of Tsingshan Class at Wenzhou University, while clarifying my academic objectives. I am committed to diligently pursuing my studies and preparing for my return to Tsingshan Company in Indonesia, aiming to perform better in the future." Similarly, Student Yohanes Roby remarked, "The care and encouragement from our leaders instill a sense of warmth in me. I will cherish the learning opportunities within the Tsingshan Class, strive to continuously improve myself, and strive to meet the expectations of our leaders and the company."

    In conclusion, manager Zhu from the Wenzhou Comprehensive Management Department of Eternal Tsingshan Group delivered a speech highlighting the project's relevant support and guarantees. He also outlined the semester's planned visiting activities organized by the company. Emphasizing class disciplines, he provided clear direction for the students' academic pursuits and daily life in Wenzhou.

    This meeting offered students an invaluable opportunity to engage with leaders from both the enterprise and the college, fostering a deeper understanding of the background and training objectives of the Tsingshan Class at Wenzhou University. Following the meeting, the students expressed their commitment to pursuing their studies with utmost enthusiasm and dedication, striving for professional growth and contributing to the overall prosperity of the enterprise.

    After the meeting, secretary Lin accompanied general manager Dong and his delegation to visit the student dormitory and restaurants.

    It is learned that "Tsingshan Class at Wenzhou University" is an international talent training project of school-enterprise cooperation, which is jointly established by Wenzhou University and Eternal Tsingshan Group. The Group selects overseas outstanding managers to study in WZU for one semester. CIE, WZU customizes language, culture and skills courses according to the needs of the Group, and organizes cultural experience, enterprise visits, industry research and other activities. This project is dedicated to training the reserve force of senior managers who understand China, speak Chinese, are familiar with Tsingshan culture and are good at enterprise management for the Group. The first 48 students have successfully completed the fall semester of 2023, and the second 69 students have successfully entered the school at the beginning of this semester.