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The Eastern Journey of the WZU-Tsingshan Class Students

    On March 6th, the students from the second session of "WZU-Tsingshan" Class embarked on an engaging visit to the Hair Embroidery Hall of WZU, led by Teachers Miao and Cao. The visit was facilitated by two expert instructors, Zheng Meimei and Huang Chenkun, who oversaw the experience activities, providing the students with a vibrant and educational learning experience.

    In the Hair Embroidery Hall, students seem to be in the palace of art. They witnessed exquisite hair embroidery works, which not only showed superb skills, but also contained profound cultural heritage. By appreciating these works, students have a more intuitive understanding of hair embroidery art. Zheng Meimei and Huang Chenke explained the historical origin, technological characteristics and creative skills of hair embroidery to the students in a simple way. Students listened attentively to them, ask questions from time to time, and interact with the teachers. This positive learning atmosphere enabled students to have a deeper understanding of the hair embroidery art.

    The students were treated to a unique experience in Chinese traditional craftsmanship, as they delved into the intricate art of hair embroidery, and were amazed at the exquisite skills and profound cultural significance of this ancient craft. Guided by skilled teachers, they diligently studied the fundamentals of hair embroidery and had the opportunity to embroider with hair themselves. They were fully immersed in the stitching process, savoring the allure of this time-honored art form.

    On the special day of International Women's Day on March 8, the female students of the WZU-Tsingshan Class participated in an interesting hand-made leather bag sewing activity together with the female faculty members of CIE. This activity showed women's ingenuity and the spirit of unity and cooperation.

    On March 13th, the students visited the Wenzhou Digital Reform Achievement Center and Wenzhou Museum, escorted by Teachers Chi and Cheng. During their visit to the Digital Reform Achievement Center, the students gained a profound understanding of Wenzhou's remarkable achievements in digital reform across multiple sectors. They observed the extensive application of digital technology in government governance, economic development, and social services, and marveled at the profound impact of scientific and technological innovation on their daily lives. The students were deeply impressed by the achievements of digital reform and expressed enthusiasm for the future of digital development.

    Later in that day, the students visited Wenzhou Museum, a cultural gem that houses a vast collection of historical relics and artworks, reflecting the rich and distinct cultural heritage of Wenzhou. The students attentively perused each exhibit, listening intently to the explanations provided by the museum guide. This visit allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of Wenzhou's rich history and vibrant culture.

    After the one-day study tour, the students said that the study benefited them a lot, which not only broadened their horizons, but also deepened their understanding of Wenzhou's digital reform and cultural heritage. They hope to contribute to the development of Wenzhou in the future.