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WZU-Tsingshan class student went to the parent company for in-depth study

On April 17, 2024, a journey of cross-cultural learning commenced, as 69 Indonesian students from the Indonesian park of Tsingshan Holding Group Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Tsingshan Group) studying in Wenzhou University embarked on a visit to the esteemed parent company in Longwan District. This study trip to the heart of the enterprise was designed to unveil the history of their parent company to the students and provide them with a profound understanding of the enterprise’s ambitious blueprint.

As the parent company of these Indonesian students and the entrusting party of the WZU-Tsingshan class, Tsingshan Group is the core destination of this cross-cultural learning trip. This magnificent building not only symbolizes the brilliant achievements of the enterprise, but also embodies its spiritual core. Here, the students listened to the entrepreneurial stories of the company from scratch, from small to large, and the future business goals.

They also visited REPT, a subsidiary of Tsingshan Group, which is the epitome of another industrial chain of the group——the battery system that provides power for new energy passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and even special vehicles and various construction machinery. This business demonstrates the group’s ambition in the field of new energy, and also allows students to have a more intuitive understanding of the diversified development of modern enterprises.

The students also visited Tsingshan Academy. This is a talent training base jointly built by Tsingshan Group and Zhejiang University, aiming to cultivate excellent management talents for the enterprise. The students were deeply impressed by the elegant environment and advanced facilities.

During the visit, many students were amazed by what they saw and heard. They were full of praise for the tall office building, leading technical strength and picturesque scenery. These visual and spiritual impacts have undoubtedly deepened their understanding of corporate culture, and also strengthened their determination to learn Chinese well and strive to work in China in the future.