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Teaching and Research

First International Seminar on High-quality Development of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

     On November 25th, the "First International Seminar on High-quality Development of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages" jointly organized by Sinolingua and School of Humanities of Zhejiang University of Technology was held near the beautiful West Lake. Leaders and experts from Sinolingua, Beijing Language and Culture University, Fudan University, East China Normal University and so on attended the seminar. Mr. Miao Weijia, a teacher from Wenzhou University’s College of International Education, and Zhang Rongrun, a master student of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages of WZU, were also invited.

       Gu Jun, deputy editor-in-chief of Sinolingua, introduced a series of exploration and practice in the field of publishing and international communication of international Chinese teaching resources, especially its experience and achievements in the development, overseas promotion and international communication.

       Professor Zhou Xiaobing of Beijing Language and Culture University put forward the principles of seeking common ground while reserving differences and paying attention to the two-way presentation of culture in the field of cross-cultural communication.

       Based on the basic theory and teaching practice of cross-cultural communication, Professor Ye Jun from East China Normal University put forward the translation concept in international Chinese teaching and the development and utilization of teaching resources, which brought new thinking to the academic circles.

       Today, with the rapid development of digital technology, Chinese learning software with rich and interesting contents has been welcomed by more and more teachers and students. Yang Zizi, founder of "Chinese Circle Teaching Resources Network", gave a speech in the theme of Construction of International Chinese Teaching Resources in the Age of Media Integration. She showed the organic combination of digital technology and Chinese courses to teachers and students presented majoring in international Chinese education and made everyone realize the great energy of media integration technology in empowering teaching innovation in the Internet age.