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WZU Holds Signing Ceremony for Cooperation with Representatives of Latin American Overseas Chinese Groups

   On November 28, 2023, 9 representatives of Latin American Overseas Chinese Groups, including Shen Dajian, Chairman of Tonghua Chongko Sociedad China Beneficence, Lou Bingqiang, President of Peru's Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, Zhang Jianying, Acting President of Peru's Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Lin Liangsong, Honorary President of Chile's Wenzhou Association, and Chen Wenchang, Vice President of Mexico's Chinese Youth Federation, visited WZU to discuss about educational exchanges and overseas Chinese cooperation between China and Latin America, and signed cooperation agreements on directional enrollment of international students and joint school-enterprise training. Leaders and relevant staff from Wenzhou Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Ouhai District Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, and WZU attended the signing ceremony.

          First of all, on behalf of WZU, Zhang Jian, the president, extended a warm welcome to the representatives and thanked everyone for their long-term concern and support for WZU. He fully introduced WZU's principles, strategic objectives, development history and achievements in discipline construction, personnel training, scientific and technological innovation and cultural guidance. In particular, he mentioned that WZU always keeps in mind the earnest instructions given to the school by President Xi Jinping, focusing on the three major school-running characteristics, opening education to the outside world, and carrying out international personnel training with high quality.

             Then, Mr. Lu Chi introduced that Wenzhou is a well-known hometown of overseas Chinese in China. There is a large number of overseas Chinese from Wenzhou living and doing business all over the world. He also pointed out that the representatives of the Latin American overseas Chinese groups participating in this signing ceremony are firmly rooted in the local society, always caring for their hometown, and have made great contributions to Wenzhou’s economic and social development. He also points out that the cooperative enrollment program between universities and overseas Chinese organizations is an innovative mode of international student enrollment and training, and it will surely bring mutual benefits to all parties involved.

             Then, Mr. Xiong Yong introduced, on behalf of the College of International Education(CIE), CIEs work from four aspects: the general situation, enrollment, characteristic projects and Chinese condition education in CIE. He said that in the face of the changing international situation, CIE always adheres to its college spirit to strive to do a good job in the joint training of international talents, serves as an important window for opening education up to the outside world, recruits international outstanding students to make a further study in WZU, and helps WZU link up with the world's high-quality educational resources.

            Mr. Zhang Jianying ensue introduced the business exchanges between China and Peru under the background of the Belt and Road" Initiative, pointing out that Latin America is rich in "overseas Chinese" resources, and the most important thing is that local youth yearn to learn Chinese language and experience Chinese culture. He proposed that the Chamber of Commerce would integrate resources at home and abroad, improve service awareness, and help more outstanding overseas youths to study in Wenzhou.

               Last, Lin Aiju, Party Secretary of the CIE, witnessed by the leaders of the Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese of Municipal and District levels and WZU, signed a cooperation agreement on joint international student enrollment with seven representatives.