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Teaching and Research

CIE sign cooperation agreements with many Italian schools

From January 25 to February 2, 2024, Huang Yalin, a lecturer of the College of International Education (CIE), and An Ran, a visiting professor of CIE, went to Naples, Milan and Florence, Italy, and visited Yongen Chinese School, Naples Little Angel Kindergarten, Florence PAOLO Middle School, Florence Chinese School, Chinese Language and Culture School and other Chinese schools, as well as local middle schools such as Italian Oriental Trilingual School, Italian Former Chinese Academy, and Milan CATERINA Vocational High School; Investigated Chinese learning needs and conditions in local universities such as the Oriental University of Naples and the Pasnov University of Naples, social organizations such as the Overseas Chinese Trade Association in Southern Italy, the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Italy, and Chinese businessmen and enterprises such as the European Health Center in Italy and the Chinese Super League in Naples.

The theme of this survey covers many aspects, including education, culture and community exchanges. Huang went to schools and Chinese families, and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with local educators, students and representatives of the Chinese community. At the end of the visit, cooperation agreements were signed with Yongen Chinese School in Italy, Oriental Trilingual School in Italy, Chinese Department of Oriental University in Naples, Italy, and Italian Branch of Qingtian Overseas Chinese Experimental Middle School, and a practice base was established. At the same time, Wu Hongen, the Chinese principal of the Oriental Trilingual School, and Li Haibo, the principal of the Italian branch of Qingtian Overseas Chinese Experimental Middle School, were employed as industrial mentors of the international Chinese education.

Through this opportunity, CIE and overseas schools will work together, adhering to the concept of “complementary advantages, joint construction and win-win cooperation”, to create a mutually beneficial and win-win sustainable partnership, and jointly promote the development of academic exchanges and scientific research cooperation in international Chinese education.