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Teaching and Research

WZU-Tsingshan class teaching seminar: strengthening practical teaching and helping talent training to a new height

On April 19, 2024, the teaching seminar of WZU-Tsingshan class was held in Conference Room 311 of the College of International Education(CIE). The convening of this seminar reflects that the school attaches great importance to the teaching quality of the “WZU-Tsingshan class”, the needs of enterprises, and the future development of the students.

At the seminar, the teachers conducted a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the learning conditions of the students in the WZU-Tsingshan class. According to the students' learning background, interests and future career planning, the teachers conducted in-depth thinking and discussion on the existing curriculum system. In view of the course teaching content, everyone actively communicated and put forward many innovative suggestions, aiming to make the course content closer to real situation and more practical.

At the same time, the arrangement of teaching progress has also become the focus of discussion in this seminar. The teachers made reasonable adjustments to the teaching plan based on the students’ learning progress and feedback to ensure that the teaching progress matches the speed at which the students master knowledge. In addition, the construction of curriculum materials has also been put on the agenda. Teachers generally believe that the selection and compilation of textbooks should keep pace with the times, not only in line with the frontier of subject development, but also in line with the actual needs of students.

Wenzhou University has always been committed to cultivating high-quality, innovative and practical talents. Through this meeting, the teachers have a clearer understanding and planning of the teaching work of the WZU-Tsingshan class.