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WZU international students participate in 2023 The 10th Wenzhou International Fashion Cultural Industries Expo

  2023 The 10th Wenzhou International Fashion Cultural Industries Expo, with the theme of "Time-honored Commercial Port, Splendid Maritime Silk road”, was held in Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from October 27th to October 30th. More than 70 international students from Algeria, Syria, Morocco, Italy, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries showed their national customs, traditional culture and artistic features through various forms such as national costumes, handicrafts and special cuisine, adding exotic style to the fair!

   In the exhibition hall for WZU, a colorful international cultural feast unfolded slowly in front of the general public. From Algerian traditional costumes to Moroccan brocade sari, handmade beads in Ghana to elephant pendants in Thailand, Tiramisu in Italy to coconuts and chocolate puddings in Vietnam... every display seems to open a door to the world. Wearing national costumes of their mother countries, international students show their unique charm with unique cultural elements and customs. Citizens have been attracted to interact with international students, enjoying the beauty of different cultures.

  "This Expo is a very meaningful activity, which gives me the opportunity to show the world Nigeria's rich and colorful culture. Nigeria is one of the largest economies in West Africa, with rich agricultural resources and a long agricultural history. I hope that by participating in this international event, more people would know the long history and culture of my mother country." LAWAN HUZAIFA DABO, an international student from Nigeria, enthusiastically showed the audience the culture of Nigeria through a live speech.

  The efforts of international students showing their own culture to Wenzhou people make the whole Expo more colorful, just like a beautiful landscape. They are not only representatives to show their own national culture, but also important messengers of cultural exchange, so that everyone can feel the power and beauty of culture and write a new chapter of civilization hand in hand with the world!