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Campus Life

International Students Participate in 2023 the First Campus Dragon Boat Race of WZU

  On November 12th, 2023, the First Campus Dragon Boat Race of WZU was held at the Dragon Boat Wharf in the south campus of our university. Zhang Jian, Secretary of the CPC WZU Committee, Qi Bin, Chairman of Wenzhou Dragon Boat Association, Wang Shun and Pan Yuju, Vice Presidents of our university and other leaders attended the opening ceremony. International students from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Russia and other countries made up an international dragon boat team, fighting bravely, showing the spirit of dragon boat and tasting Chinese culture.

  On the river, with the company of flying red flag and loud sound of drumbeats, the dragon boats were ready to go. With a command, the oars split the water and splashed layers of waves. "ONE TWO, ONE TWO..." In the first round of the semi-final, international students spared no efforts to row the boast. However, great strength without collaberation can’t drive the boat moving forward fast; In the second round of the semi-final, they were under great psychological pressure, adjusted their strategies, strove to paddle and sprint, and won the first place in the group! Because of the poor performance of the first round, they did not squeeze into the finals. But they have fully demonstrated the dragon boat spirit of unity, hard work, tenacity and fearlessness!

  "This is my first time to participate in the dragon boat race, and I feel very excited.During the training and competition, I learned a lot about Chinese dragon boat culture and deeply felt the importance of teamwork. It was a very unforgettable experience for me.Dragon boat race, we will fight again next year!" IBRAHIM HUMRAN ABUBAKAR,an international student from Nigeria, happily shared his dragon boat feelings with everyone.

  Dragon boat race is a traditional activity of China and also a popular competition for young people. Hope it would be a bridge to carry international students and Chinese young people together, sharing the enjoy of fighting and forming a close friendship.