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Campus Life

Thai Students Embark on a Journey Exploring Digital Intelligence Manufacturing & Ouyao Cultural Richness

    To foster cultural exchanges between China and Thailand, enhance the extracurricular experiences of international students, and assist them in gaining a deeper understanding of China, our college arranged for over 20 Thai students to embark on a vibrant journey to Zhejiang Oriental Vocational and Technical College on March 22nd, exploring digital intelligence manufacturing technology and immersing themselves in the rich cultural experience of Ouyao.

    The first stop of this journey was the public training base for high-skilled talents located in southern Zhejiang. Guided by industry professionals, teachers and students from our college had the opportunity to engage with advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment, gaining a profound understanding of the working principles and application scenarios of industrial robots. They exhibited keen interest in areas such as digital design and intelligent manufacturing, and expressed sincere admiration for China's remarkable advancements in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

    The second stop of the journey was Ouyao College, where the students immersed themselves in the experience of drawing porcelain embryos. With the teacher's explanation, the international students gained a profound understanding of Ou Kiln's rich historical and cultural heritage, as well as its exquisite porcelain-making techniques. Furthermore, the overseas students actively participated in the production process of Ou Kiln, engaging in tasks such as embryo drawing and shaping. They fully exercised their creativity and imagination, creating their own unique Ou Kiln works, and experiencing the allure and joy of Chinese traditional crafts.

    This journey not only enriched the extracurricular lives of Thai students but also deepened their understanding of digital intelligence manufacturing technology and Ouyao culture. The event was filled with a warm atmosphere, and the international students expressed that this experiential activity had given them a profounder appreciation of Chinese science, technology, and culture, adding a unique hue to their academic and personal lives.

    Our college has always accorded significant importance to international exchanges and cooperation. Through the organization of such activities, we aim to provide a forum for international students to broaden their horizons and foster deeper cultural exchanges. In the future, our college will persist in organizing diverse and vibrant events to foster mutual understanding and respect among diverse nations and cultures, while nurturing outstanding talents who possess an international perspective and proficient cross-cultural communication skills.