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Campus Life

Our International students made a wonderful appearance at the 10th Anniversary Celebration Gala of Wenzhou Kean University

On April 26, at the 10th Anniversary Celebration Gala of Wenzhou Kean University, five international students from Morocco played a situational performance show named "Hua Yun Liu Fang" in Chinese, showing the unique charm of Chinese culture.

"Hua Yun Liu Fang" is a situational performance integrating traditional Chinese music, dance, opera and other art forms. In this performance, the students not only demonstrated their exquisite artistic talents, but also improved their cross-cultural communication skills through such cultural exchange activities.

The performance of our international students is full of the charm of oriental aesthetics, so that every audience present can feel the profound heritage of Chinese traditional culture and the integration and innovation of modern expression. During the preparation process, the students invested a lot of time and energy in order to present the most authentic Chinese culture to the audience. The efforts of the students were highly praised and enthusiastically responded by the audience, and became a highlight of the party.

While showing international students’ personal talents, this successful performance reflected the positive achievements of our school in international educational exchanges. Through such cultural exchanges, international students can both better integrate into the international environment, and contribute to promoting mutual understanding and respect between Chinese and foreign cultures.