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Student Stories

WZU-Tsingshan students visit Yongjia County

On April 21, 2024, the students from the "WZU-Tsingshan Class" embarked on an unforgettable cultural journey. They ventured into the picturesque Shuiyun Village in Yongjia, Wenzhou, where they had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the profound culture of Song Dynasty.

The students first listened to the local village head recount the inheritance stories of Song Yun's "harmony" culture. These legendary tales and profound cultural heritage, handed down through the ages, transported them back to the prosperous and harmonious era of the Song Dynasty.

Next, the students made pastries with Song style from start to finish. Guided by the pastry chef, they mastered traditional techniques, from kneading the dough, filling, shaping, to the final baking. As they admired the exquisite pastries they had crafted, the students' faces beamed with satisfaction and joy. They unanimously concurred that the process of making pastries was immensely enjoyable, not just because they learned new skills, but also because they experienced the allure of traditional Chinese culture.

In the "Fu Coffee" restaurant, they played and sang Chinese and Indonesian pop songs while savoring Yongjia's authentic food. The outer layer of Yongjia wheat cake is golden and crispy, and the softness of Yongjia's characteristic plain noodles forms a perfect taste contrast with the crispness of wheat cake. The students were amazed and said that the delicacy of Yongjia wheat cake is difficult to taste in Indonesia, and the taste is very unique. They not only tasted it with relish, but also excitedly took pictures and recorded it, preparing to share this unique food experience with their family and friends in Indonesia through photos.

This event has attracted widespread attention from the local media. Yongjia Today, Temperature News and many other media have interviewed Tsingshan students, including Wang Luobi and Mei Lin, who said in an interview: "Chinese culture is very attractive. It not only has a long history, but also has rich connotations. Pastry making is also very interesting. We like China very much and hope to continue to study Chinese traditional culture."