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Xinhao Miao



Xinhao Miao


Bachelor of History, Xiamen University, 1997-2001

Master of Chinese Modern History, School of Humanities, Xiamen University, 2001-2004

Ph. D, International Law, Xiamen University Law School, 2004-2007



Lecturer, School of Economics and Trade Law, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, 2007-2009

Associate Professor, School of International Law, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, 2009-2011 ( Visiting scholar at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Law and Public International Law, Germany, 2010-2011)

Associate Professor, School of Law and Politics, Wenzhou University 2012-2015

Vice Dean of the Institute of Finance, Wenzhou University, 2011-2012

Deputy Dean of Law School, Wenzhou University, 2015-present (Senior Visiting Scholar at the Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales, Australia, 2016-2016)


Research Interests

Financial Law

Research and Academic Employment

 Member of Wenzhou CPPCC, Member of Wenzhou Municipal Government Legislation Expert Database Executive Dean of "Belt and Road" International Arbitration Court of Wenzhou Merchants, Director of the Banking Law Research Society of China Law Society, Executive Director of International Economic Law Research Association of Zhejiang Law Society


Position Director of Journalism Wenzhou University

Projects and Supervisions

Presided over the Western Project of National Social Science Fund,"Research on Legal Issues of Credit Rating Agencies' Responsibility Mechanism under the Background of Financial Crisis”, 2009.

Presided over the China Law Society project , "Administrative Law Rules for Transnational Financial Supervision", 2008.

Presided over the Youth Project of the Ministry of Education, “Research on Legal Issues of IMF Governance Mechanism”, 2009.

Presided over the project of first-class undergraduate internationalization course, International Investment Law, of Zhejiang Province, 2021.



Research on Legal Issues of Private Governance in Cross-border Asset Securitization", Xiamen University Press, 2010.

 Inclusiveness and Internet Financial Supervision[J].China Finance,2015(01):49-50.

 The improvement of the private lending record management system__;Based on the practice of the private lending record management system in Wenzhou City[J].Southern Finance,2013(10):95-99. On the legality and validity of the World Bank's policy loan conditions[J].Journal of International Economic Law,2010,17(04):194-211.

A legal analysis of the loan cross conditions between the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund[J].Modern Law,2010,32(05):104-111.

Public Participation and the Perfection of the Accountability Mechanism of the World Bank[J].Journal of International Economic Law,2008,15(03):314-333.

The division of public and private spheres and gender discrimination in international law[J].Legal System and Social Development,2007(02):90-98.


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