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Zhiou Wu



Zhiou Wu


LLB, Yuquan Campus, Zhejiang University,1996.09-2000.06.

LLM., Fudan University Law School, Master of Laws,2002.09-2005.06.

Ph. D, Beijing Normal University, Doctor of Laws, 2007.09-2010.06.



Part-time lawyer, Zhejiang Guangzhengda Law Firm, 2007.01-2015.08

Visiting Scholar, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York University, USA, 2013.07-2014.07

Vice President of the People's Court of Lucheng District, Wenzhou City (part-time), 2015.09-2016.09

Deputy Minister of Women's Development Department of Zhejiang Women's Federation (part-time), 2017.09-2019.08

Lecturer, Associate Professor, Master Supervisor, Law School, Wenzhou University, 2005.07-2019.05

Associate Professor, Master Supervisor, and Associate Dean of the College of International Education, Wenzhou University, 2019.06-present.

Research Interests: Criminal Law, International Criminal Law

Position: Associate Dean of the College of International Education, Wenzhou University

Projects and Supervisions

Presided over the "Research on the Risk Assessment of Communal Corrections Practitioners under the Background of Big Data" (16SFB5013), the National Law and Legal Theory Research Project of the Ministry of Justice, 2016.

Presided over the "Re-offending Risk Assessment of Community Correction Subjects-Based on the Application of Information and Data Technology" (16NDJC128YB), the project of Zhejiang Social Science Planning, 2016.

Presided over "Research on Corporate Participation in Crime Governance" (12YJC820114), 2012 Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Youth Project, provincial and ministerial project.

Presided over the "Research on Social Participation in Procuratorial Work-Using the Help and Education System in the Process of Investigation and Prosecution as the Starting Point", The Supreme People's Procuratorate's Procuratorial Theory Research Project, 2011.

Participant, "Socialist Core Values Integrating into Private Economic Legislation" (19VHJ014), a major national social science research project, ranking second, 2019.


Research on Corporate Participation in Crime Governance, China Social Sciences Press, 2013 edition, monograph, published with funding from Wenzhou City Federation of Social Sciences.

Research on the Mechanism of Classification and Disposal of Private Zombie Enterprises published by Law Press in August 2020, first author.

Case Study of Criminal Law General Theory, Law Press, August 2018, the first author

Research on Criminal Immunity and Regulation of Labor Collective Disputes", "Criminal Law Review", Chinese core journal, CSSCI extended edition, Volume 3, 2019, first author.

On the Relationship and Improvement of "Helping Education Base" and "Community" in Community Correction", published in "Journal of Law", Chinese core journal, CSSCI, 2017.08, independent author. Reprinted in the full text of Renmin University of China, "Criminal Law", Issue 11, 2017, first-class.


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