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Lizhen Xie

Associate Professor


Lizhen Xie


Doctor of Procedure Law, China University of Political Science and Law, 2015

Master of Procedure Law, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, 2004

Bachelor of Economic Law, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, 2001


Associate Professor,Wenzhou University, December 2018-present

Associate director, Research Office of Wenzhou Intermediate People's Court,December 2016-December 2017

Lecturer, Wenzhou University, June 2004-December 2018

Research Interests:

procedural law, judicial system, evidence system, discipline inspection and supervision system

Position: Secretary of the Party Branch of the Department of Law, Deputy Head of the Department Projects and Supervisions

Project leader, 2014 Youth Project of Ministry of Education,"Research on the Implementation of the Special Procedure for the Confiscation of Illegal Income", Grant No. 14YJC820058

Project leader, 2014 Project of Department of Education, “Research on the implementation of illegal income confiscation procedure”, Grant No. Y201430484

Project leader, 2010 Project of Wenzhou Federation of Social Science, "The relief of victims' rights and interests in environmental public interest litigation"

Project leader, 2017 Education Reform Project of Wenzhou University, "Research and Practice of Research-based Teaching Method under the Cooperative Mode of Colleges and Universities"

Participant, 2015 Educational Reform Project of Provincial Department of Education, 'Case + Discussion'; : the center of law classroom teaching mode"


Lizhen Xie, Research on the Special Procedure of Confiscation of Illegal Income, Law Press, 2016.

Lizhen Xie, Demonstrate the New Challenge and Practical Response of "Wenzhou Experience" of People in Court, Application of Law, 1 (2019).

Lizhen Xie, On the Deficiency and Perfection of the Relief System of the Interested Party in Special Forfeiture Procedure in China,Journal of Wenzhou University, 5: 20-30 (2017).

Lizhen Xie, A Pluralistic Analysis of the Proof Problem of Special Forfeiture Procedures, Application of Law, 13: 24-30 (2017).

Lizhen Xie, An Analysis of Several Problems in Improving the System of Witness Appearance in Court, Political and Legal Forum, 4: 40-51 (2017).

Lizhen Xie, On the Confiscation of Instruments of Crime -- Also Comments on the Confiscation of "the Insufficiency of Personal Property Used for Crime", Journal of Wenzhou University, 4: 63-68 (2014).

Lizhen Xie, Further Consummation of Incidental Civil Action System -- from the Perspective of Amendment of Criminal Procedure Law, Juridical Science Journal, 7: 43-50 (2013).

Lizhen Xie, Discussion on the Interaction between Legal Aid and Clinic Legal Education, Problem of Juvenile Delinquency, 6: 19-23 (2013).

Lizhen Xie, Discrimination and Analysis of the Nature of the Procedure of Confiscation of Illegal Income, Jiangxi Social Sciences, 11: 148-153 (2013).

Lizhen Xie, Discussion on the Confiscation Procedure of Illegal Income in China's Special Procedures, Law and Economics, 12: 27-31 (2013).


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