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Yiyan Zhou

Associate Professor


Yiyan Zhou


Ph. D, Xiamen University, 2011-2015

LLM, Xiamen University, 2008-2011

LLB, Wenzhou Medical College, 2004- 2008


Associate Professor,Wenzhou University, December 2019-present

Lecturer, Wenzhou University, June 2015-December 2019

Visiting Scholar, Dispute Resolution Institute, Hamline University, September 2013-September 2014

Visiting Scholar, Centre for Chinese Law Studies, University of Hong Kong, September 2012 to January 2013

Research Interests:

civil procedure, evidence law, dispute resolution

Position: Director, Department of International Law

Projects and Supervisions

Project leader, 2019 Philosophy and Social Science Planning Project of Zhejiang Province,"Research on the Admissibility of Judicial Appraisal Opinions in Civil Procedure -- Taking the Reform Practice of Zhejiang Courts as a Sample", Grant No. 19NDQN330YB

Project leader, 2017 General Research Project of Zhejiang Department of Education "Research on Substantive Reform of Trial of Appraisal Opinions in Civil Procedure -- Taking Zhejiang Courts as Samples", Grant No. Y201737442

Project leader, 2018 University-level Teaching Reform Project of Wenzhou University, "Exploration and Practice of the Training Mode of Export-oriented Legal Talents in the New Era -- Taking the Teaching Reform of Civil Procedure Law as an Example"

Participant, 2019 Annual Plan Project Approval Demonstration of Wenzhou Municipal Local Laws and Regulations

Participant, 2019 Annual Plan Project Approval Demonstration of Wenzhou Municipal Local Laws and Regulations


Research on the control mechanism of civil expert evidence judicature. Law Press. 2019

Evolutionary Analysis of American Expert Evidence Admissibility Rules -- A Multi-dimensional Interpretation of Legal Texts Inside and Outside. Study on Civil Procedure Law. 2017.

On Micro-justice in the New Consumption Era and Its Realization Mode -- Discussing the Chinese Path of ODR Development. Studies on Northeast Asian Law (Korea). 11(3), 2012.

Investigation Report on the Practice of Forensic Expertise in Fujian Courts.Southeastern Judicial Review. 2015


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