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Xiaoming Zhou

Associate Professor


Xiaoming Zhou


 Ph.D, East China University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai, 2010-2013

Master of Marxism, Zhejiang Normal University, 2002-2005.

Bachelor of Economic Law, Henan University of Technology and Science, 1995-1999.



Associate Professer, Wenzhou Universty, July 2019.

Lecturer, Lishui University, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, 2016.10-2019.

Lecturer, Lishui Open University, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, 2000-2016.

Legal Counselor of Taizhou Bearing Co. Ltd. Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province,1999-2000.

Research Interests

Commercial Law, the Comparative Study of Chinese and Indian law

Projects and Supervisions

Project leader, The Economic Democracy and Anti-monopoly Law: the Analysis of Anti-monopoly Financial Market in Zhejiang Province, the Research Project of Justice Department of Zhejiang Province and Zhejiang Law Society, 2009.

Project leader, The Utilization of Clinical Education in the Legal Education in Open Universities also on the Aim of Legal Education of China, the Research Project of Modern Distance Education Society of Zhejiang Province, 2010.

Project leader, the Study of Legalization of Democracy at Local Level: the Comparison and Enlightenment between Chinese and Indian Democracy in Rural Areas, Politics and Law Committee of C.P.C and Law Society of Zhejiang Province, 2012.

Participant, the National Importance Research Project of National Social Science Foundation : History of Law Civilization, 2011.

Project leader, Research Project of Joint Association of Social Science of Lishui: The Appraisal of Rule of Law of Local Place of Overseas Chinese of Qingtian County, 2016.



On the Aim of Modern Distance Education, The Theory and Practice of Modern Distance Education, Edited by Leihuotu, Zhejiang University Press, June 2007.

On the Private Relief of Civil Right, Journal of Jurisprudence, Vol.11,2009.

On the Improvement of Administrative Adjudication: Focus on Civil Rights Remedy in Land Acquisition and Urban House Removal, Rule of Law and Society, Vol.1, 2009.

On the Administrative Adjudication Remedy for Civil Rights: in the Case of Administrative Adjudication for Land Acquisition and Urban House Removal, Guangxi Social Science, Vol.1, 2010.

The Contemporary Significance of the Spirit of Law: Also on the Issue ‘Where does the China Legal Science Go’, Social Science Journal of Universities in Shanxi, Vol.8,2012.

The Study of the Financial Federalism of India's Constitution,Journal of Guang Xi Normal University (Philosophical and Social Science Edition),Vol3, 2013.

The History and Reality of Fiscal Constitutionalism,Journal of Suzhou university (Philosophical and Social Science Edition), Vol., 2012.

Judicial Reform of India and it’s Enlightenment to China, South Asia Study Quarterly, Vol.3, 2016.

The Building of Core Competence of Open Universities:from the Perspective of the Comparison between China and India; Education of Asia and Pacific ,Vol., 2016.

Rule of Law at County Level in India and it’s Enlightenment to China, Academic Exploration, Vol.4, 2017.




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