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Shaodan Qiu


Shaodan Qiu


Doctor of Private International Law Aug, Fudan University,Aug,2021-July.2019

PHD in international business law, South Korea, Chonnam National University, 2018-July.2019

Master's degree in international law, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, March.2007-Sept .2004

Bachelor's degree in law, Zhejiang Gongshang University(Zhe jiang Technology and Business University), July.2003-Sept.1999



Lecture, Wenzhou University, March.2007 to the present

Director of the society law society of Zhejiang law society

Arbitrator, labor and personnel dispute arbitration committee, Ouhai District, Wenzhou

Wenzhou Municipal Drug Control Commission professional training tutor,

The post of the people's juror in Ouhai District, Wenzhou.


Research Interests

Private Law, Contract Law

Projects and Supervisions

 Presided over the reform of classroom teaching in Higher Education in Zhejiang Province in 2016.

Presided over the 2017 contract law school quality online open course.

Presided over the introduction of the 2010 law school quality course.

Participate in the 2013 commercial law school level boutique resources sharing course, third.

Participate in the 2012 civil law school quality course, third.

Participation in the 2010 civil law provincial high quality courses, third.



Responsibilities and obligations of board directors of public universities. [J]. Eastern Social Law Review, 2014 (9): 23-25.

The role and organizational structure of Wenzhou chamber of Commerce in the period of social transformation. [J].Journal of Wenzhou Vocational and Technical College, 2011, 11 (4): 16-19

The role of Wenzhou chamber of Commerce in dealing with international trade barriers. [J].The legal and economic (first ten days) 2011(12)

Editor in chief, "contract law case teaching material" (school level subsidized teaching material: one of the textbook series of jurisprudence case studies is being published).




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