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International Student Summer Series “Cultural Travel”of “Sensing China” Held at Wencheng

In order to enhance students' practical ability, broaden the study field of vision)and cultivate the unique feeling of natural resources and cultural charm of Wencheng, on July 17, the awarding ceremony of Wenzhou University's “International Student Practice Base” was held in Wencheng, marking the launch ofInternational Students’ Summer Series“Experiencing China’s culture” through a series of activities”was officially launched.

Cai Yixiang, Dean of Tourism Industry School of Wenzhou University gave a speech. He said that this event was the first cooperation project between Wenzhou University and Wencheng County to sign the joint construction of the Cultural Tourism Industry College and the Wencheng Cultural Tourism Industry Research Institute. He emphasized that, first the summer practice should be carried out in a pragramatic manner centering on the goals of “Wencheng, cultural tourism and practical experience”. Second we should understand the culture of wencheng and the local lifestyle, especially underlining the culture of liu bowen. In practice, we can give full play to our strengths, apply what we have learnt to practice, and build a good image of Wenzhou university with abundant practical achievements.

Ye Miao, Dean and Party Secretary of the International Education School(International Student Management Department), gave “International Student Practice Base” awarding of Wenzhou University to Zhang Lijun, Director of:Administration for Culture and Radio and TV and News and Publishingof Wencheng County. She introduced the international development of Wenzhou University and the International Student Management Department. She believed that the the Summer Social activities of the “Cultural tour” series of acticities of “Sensing China” are of great significance. First, through cultural experience and visiting overseas Chinese, international students could better understand Wencheng’s profound cultural heritage and tourism resources (of culture through cultural experience and visits to overseas Chinese returning to China.); Second, (in practice survey ) international students could spread Wencheng to more overseas people through practice reports, English prose, network broadcast,promotional litreture and short videos; Third, through social practice international students can better understand Chinese society and China’s national conditions.Practice is an effective carrier of “the perception of China, Zhejiang and Wenzhou.”

Itwas reported that after the awarding ceremony, 19 international students from the College of international education of Wenzhou University wouldstay in Wencheng for a four-day summer practice. During the period, they wouldfully experience the landscape, history and culture of Wencheng by visiting the Yuhu International Slow City, recording the stories of returning overseas Chinese entrepreneurs, visiting the hometown of Liu Ji, teaching oral English and feeling the local ethnic customs and etc., so that they couldhave a more comprehensive understanding of Chinese society and a deeper feeling to sense Chinese custom, admire their lifestyle and perceive its beauty.