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Universities encouraged to innovate for better future

On the afternoon of June 6th, a lecture entitled “University Innovation for the Future of the Country” was delivered by Prof. Pichai Sonchaeng, director of Innovation Development Office, Burapha University, Thailand in Room 203, Building 3, South Campus. About 30 international students enjoyed the lecture and participated in the interaction.

According to Prof. Pichai Sonchaeng, currently the world is facing several changes which need competent graduates who can cope with the changes and provide solution to the existing world mega Crises.

Prof. Pichai Sonchaeng highlighted that currently Universities operate under closed walls of faculties, whereby there is less or no interaction between the faculties which hinder sharing of information between them. This Practice does not give room for innovation, hence Universities are encouraged to come up with new operating methods and create various learning platform which will create more value and benefit both the graduates and the country at large.

Due to world trends, currently there is major changes in population, natural resources, social economy, culture and civilization. These changes create World Crises like Population Burst, Food Crisis, Energy Crisis, Water Crisis and Climate Change. Providing solution to these problem needs graduates who are well exposed to technology, innovation methods and creativity techniques. While

Universities are highly encouraged to innovate their Structure, Process, Services, Curriculums, Strategies and Channel.

We all think the lecture is very informative and thought-provoking.