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WZU spreads China’s Path in New Era among International Students

On April 18, Liu Xuemei, associate professor of Zhejiang Normal University, was invited to give a lecture named China’s Path in New Era. Through a multiple means of sharing stories, showing documentaries and statistics, she touched upon a spectrum of hot spot topics, including Xi Jinping’s Report at 19thnational congress, “Two Sessions” spirit, the Four-pronged Strategy, Belt and Road Initiative, a community of shared destiny for humanity, stressing that China had achieved a great success since its adoption of reform and opening-up. Among others, she also analyzed difference between China’s democracy and Western democracy and emphasized that Taiwan is an inalienable part of China. During her lecture, she also mentioned that Hainan had rolled out new policy to attract talents, including that foreign talents have opportunity to gain permanent residence and foreign students with China’s master degree can make new businesses in Hainan. This thrilled news won a lot of applause.

“This is my second year in China and I am amazed by China’s rapid economic development,” saidMichael, a mechanical engineering postgraduate. “China’s exchanges and cooperation with other countries, like Belt and Road Initiative, deliver tangible benefits to both China and the world at large. With the ultimate goal of serving as a bridge connecting China with my motherland, I will study hard in WZU. ”

Ye Miao, dean of CIE, said that this lecture touched upon a variety of good China stories, making it easier for international students to learn China’s policies in new era. Dean Ye expected them to learn more about Chinese and study hard in ways that they can serve as ambassadors of China, telling its stories in their own countries in near future.