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International Students of 2020 have registered

On October 9th,WZU welcomes its new international students of 2020. At the Registration Hall on the first floor of Building No. 3 in the north campus, teachers were ready to greet new international students with prepared greeting gifts and help them with the registration. Though, because of Covid-19, there were still 20 more international students outside China cannot come in time, teachers put on uniform to hand out welcoming gifts, including student handbook, campus map, notebook, pen, customized T-shirt and so on, to new international students, and gave them campus guide as well to facilitate their registration process.
This year there are 110-odd international students from 36 countries studying in 12 majors offered by colleges of WZU. Part of these new international students majoring in Chinese are undergraduates of WZU, who want to deepen their study in Chinese language and cultures. 
In the following days, we will organize new international students to visit the History Museum of WZU, Wenzhou City Planing Display Hall and some other places in Wenzhou to help them get to know more about Wenzhou and WZU, at the same time, we will also explain Chinese laws, disciplines of WZU, visa and residence permit applying and some other relevant rules, so as to get used to the life and study in WZU as soon as possible.