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International Students at the 43rd WZU Sports Meeting

During the school sports meeting on November 12th and 13th, international students of 2020 took an active part in the square performance at the opening ceremony of the school sports meeting and its sports competition, showing their youthful, enthusiastic, lively and hardworking sportmanship spirit.

On the morning of November 12th, students from different countries formed a troupe of Chinese and foreign students to participate in the opening ceremony performance. Tavira Jennifer Priscila Da Cunha, a student from Angola, sang a Chinese song I love Chinain the performance with other students dancing behind her. Their performance ended with saying a slogan as Together We are Family! Together We are Strongwhich showed the deep friendship between Chinese and foreign students and also the resolution of meeting challenges and fighting Covid-19 together. It was warmly welcomed by the audience with loud applause. 

International students produced a well performance in running, javelin throwing, jumping and some other track and field events, with their  strong and vigorous figures contesting on the field playgrounds. Besides, foreign teachers of CIE also took an active part in the sports meeting. Together with Chinese teachers, they joined in rope jumping and caterpillar race making the sports meeting more international-looking and showing our spirit of unity and cooperation. What worthy to mention is that Foreign teacher Adofo Michael Adjei from Ghana has got the first place in the 100-meter-race for young male teachers.