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Our International Students Made a Great Success in the Short Video Competition of “Dream Trip in Zhejiang” held by Zhejiang Province


On the evening of December 11th, the “Beautiful Zhejiang” short video competition, a part of the fourteenth “Dream Trip in Zhejiang” Chinese Talent Show for international students in Zhejiang Province, held in Xiasha Campus of Communication University of Zhejiang. Videos “China in Micheal’s Eye” and “The Beauty of Zhejiang Culture ”made by International students ADOFO MICHAEL ADJEI from Ghana and CHINGWENA RUMBIDZAI from Zimbabwe respectively have got the second price.

In the video “China in Michael’s Eye”, Michaeal showed us how he first came across with Chinese food and then fell in love with it, how amazing he felt the Chinese finance and mobile payment technology are, and how it is like to live in China. He wanted to express his love for China and Wenzhou University by making this video.

CHINGWENA RUMBIDZAI told her story of learning photography and recording the beauty of China as a photography lover in the video “The Beauty of Zhejiang Culture”. She loves Chinese culture, especially Chinese Paper-cutting. She even visited paper-cutting master Wu Fangfang who lives in Wencheng county, which is 84 kilometers away from Wenzhou University, to learn how to make beautiful paper-cutting. In the video, she showed how she learned paper-cutting and scenes in which master Wu Fangfang told her stories about paper-cutting and Chinese traditional culture.

“Beautiful Zhejiang” short video competition is a sub-activity of the fourteenth "Dream Trip in Zhejiang" Chinese Talent Show for international students in Zhejiang Province. Taking “Beautiful Zhejiang” as its theme, international students showed the charm and beauty of Zhejiang by sharing their living, learning and working experiences in Zhejiang province in videos recorded in English or their mother tongues. This competition has set up three first prizes, six second prizes and ten third prizes. The second prizes for our students are not only a reward for students’ long time preparation efforts and their talents, but also incentives for encouraging more international students to participant in competitions alike and improving their all-round qualities.