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Study Travel in Wenzhou Ouyao Kiln Town, an interesting way to know Wenzhou

    On the afternoon of December 18th, 2020, our international students followed Zhang Minlu,a teacher of TCSOL,and post graduates of TCSOL, to Ouyao Kiln Town in Yongjia county, Wenzhou city. Ouyao Kiln Town, located among mountains and surrounded by tea gardens, welcomes guests come from near and afar with red lanterns hanging up high. Everything here in Ouyao Kiln Town is a good object for international students to learn Chinese culture.

    During this trip, Mr. Zhang Changcai, a representative successor of Ouyao kiln firing technology and founder of Wenzhou Zhejiang Celadon Ware Limit Corporation, introduced the history of Ouyao kiln and its firing technology to international students, and gave them a chance to make a piece of Ouyao kiln by themselves.

    This trip brought international students close to Wenzhou intangible cultural heritage Ouyao kiln, and enabled them to experience and appreciated it in person. And they said, “This is really a nice trip!For the first time, I experienced making ceramics by myself. It turns out that China's porcelain culture is so magical!I feel like China more!”“Today's trip to Ouyao town is really wonderful! It seems that the handicraft work is simple,but it is really hard by myself. This activity let me have a richer understanding of Ou porcelain and a more profound experience of Chinas culture. ”