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International Student JENIFFER TAVIRA PRISCILA DA CUNHA Won the Champion in WZU’s Singing Competition

On the evening of December 19th, the Eighteenth Campus Singing Competition was successfully held. International student JENIFFER TAVIRA PRISCILA DA CUNHA won the champion by her beautiful voice and wonderful performance.

The Power of Love and Love Hurts were the two songs JENIFFER sung in the singing competition. Her skillful singing and charming stage performance won her loud applause from the audience, as well as the champion of the singing competition.

JENIFFER is from Angola. She constantly practiced singing when she has free time, and took active part in a variety of campus activities. She has participated in WZU Chinese & International Students New Year Gala for three consecutive years, and was recommended to perform in Wenzhou Civic Culture Festival and was well received by the audience.