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Chinese Language Skills Enhancement Project went on during the Winter Holiday

“Chinese Language Skills Enhancement Project for Wenzhou University’s International Students” was promoted by College of International Education (CIE), Wenzhou University (WZU) in the summer of 2020, aiming to encourage international students to give more efforts to Chinese, and so was “Awards for Wenzhou University International Students taking HSK”. The project offers international students a lot of opportunities, such as online courses, talent shows, and peer learners’ group, to learn and practice their Chinese. And the project has been carried on even during the winter holiday.


The courses offered in the winter holiday were about Oral Chinese and HSK and international students were divided into four classes, namely Oral A2, Oral B1, HSK3 and HSK4. Oral courses were sent to improve students’ pronunciation and help them to master useful Chinese expressions commonly used in daily conversations; while HSK courses were based on language points and articles, hoping to help students pass the Chinese proficiency test. 

The courses lasted for a month, from February 1st to 28th, and all taken from DINGTALK.

At the end of the courses, teachers praised students for their diligence and progress. International students thanked the teachers for the opportunity and interesting classes, which enriched their winter holiday.


    Following are part of teaching moments:


1. Language points learning


2. Text learning


3. Oral Chinese practicing


4. Blank filling

In classes, international students closely followed teachers’ online course instructions, forming a great learning atmosphere. Following are part of international students performances:  

Though courses were all online, international students finished all homework in time and the following are examples of part of their homework:

The Chinese language skills enhancement project for the winter holiday is over, but we will carry the project on by starting another round of learning soon. We hope that the project would inspire international students learning interests and improve their Chinese proficiency by offering more learning skills.