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CIE Held a Special Lecture on "Policy and Law Publicity on Campus"

In order to strengthen international student’s awareness of knowing, understanding, abiding by the law, and to create a safe and harmonious campus environment, a special lecture on "Policy and Law Publicity on Campus" for international students of Wenzhou University was successfully held at 3pm March 26 in Room 201 of Building 3, North Campus. This lecture was given by Zheng Ti, a policeman from the Exit-Entry Administration Brigade of Ouhai District,Wenzhou City. Two staff from the Exit-Entry Management Brigade of Ouhai District, Wenzhou City, Zhang Haimin, the captain and Chen Xiaofei, a policeman, as well as Fang Jianxiao, deputy secretary of the CPC CIE Committee, Liu Tian, Wu Quanquan, Qian Jiangchao, counselors of CIE, and all graduates of Grade 17 attended the lecture.

Officer Zheng introduced in detail the laws and regulations that international students should abide by while studying in China. She also fully explained the differences in concepts of internship and illegal employment. In the lecture, she told international students how to apply for a work visa and a stay visa after graduation. She mentioned that some international students have poor visa awareness and frequently become overdue on their visa. In this regard, she hoped that international students would enhance their legal awareness and strictly abide by the legal bottom line.

During the questioning session, international students learned more about the departure problem under the global epidemic situation and what application materials they should prepare for a stay visa.

This lecture provided legal guidance for international students studying and living in China, enhanced their awareness of abiding by the laws, and laid a foundation for maintaining the safety and stability of international students.