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International Students of Wenzhou University Were Entrenched in Ou Opera

Reported by China Net

Recently, fifteen international students of Wenzhou University from Zimbabwe, Ghana, Tanzania, Nigeria, Mauritius, and other countries visited World Wenzhounese Homes at the invitation of the Wenzhou Exit-Entry Administration to have a unique experience of Wenzhou local art — Ou Opera. After watching and playing Ou Opera in person, the present international students said that such experiential learning is of great benefit to their understanding of Wenzhou traditional culture.

This amazing trip to explore Ou Opera was led by Fang Rujiang, a national first-class actor, winner of the Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Award, chairman of the Wenzhou Theatre Association, and an intangible cultural heritage inheritor of Zhejiang Province. There was also an interpreter on-site to help the international students understand Ou Opera much better.

The international students were shown a classic Ou Opera play, "Gao Ji and Wu Sanchun", which is a Wenzhou version of the love story “Romeo and Juliet” showed to international students. Fang Rujiang explained the characters, music, movements, and other knowledge of Ou Opera in the most easy-to-understand language, by which the international students were fascinated. In the interactive session, many international students enthusiastically took to the stage and studied the movements and posture in Ou Opera under the guidance of Fang Rujiang.

Pearl, from Nigeria, was very surprised by the performance of Ou Opera whichhas its own characteristics. She said, “Ou Opera is so wonderful, the makeup of the actors is so beautiful, and the traditional Chinese culture is so impressive.”

It is reported that this experience of Ou Opera was sponsored by Wenzhou Exit-Entry Administration, which aims to improve and deepen international students' understanding of Ou Opera. Wenzhou Ou Opera Art Research Institute (formerly known as Wenzhou Ou Opera Troupe) is known as "The No. One Troupe.” In recent years, with the support of governments at all levels, many Ou Opera dramas have appeared in turn, which has largely met the local people's demand for folk art.