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Anti-fraud Theme Class Meeting

With the rapid development of the internet, network fraud has become more rampant. To improve students' awareness of fraud prevention in our college, and to protect the safety of students' property, an anti-fraud theme class meeting was held on the morning of May 24. Fang JianxiaoVice Secretary of CPC CIE Committee, Liu Tian, Director of Students’ Affairs Office, and Wu Quanquan, student counselor attended the meeting.  

At the meeting, Mr. Fang conveyed the school’s overall requirements for fraud prevention and disclosed online fraud cases that happened at our school. He hoped that all the students would tighten their strings, recognizing common fraud methods. He told them not go for petty advantages, and to buy things through legitimate means.

Mr. Wu introduced the current situation of online fraud and showed the country's determination in combating online fraud. He shared with the students many specific examples of online fraud and respective prevention suggestions. Mr. Liu explained how “Sha Zhu Pan,” referring to an online fraud that induces netizens to gamble, works and reminded students not to fall for it. At last, Mr. Wu concluded the class meeting with a humorous sentence, “ Free lunches are pretty but not tasty.”

This “anti-fraud” theme class meeting is both instructive and effective for students to improve their awareness and skills for preventing online fraud.