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WZU 2021 Closing Ceremony of Spring Language Students

On the afternoon of June 30, 2021, WZU 2021 Closing Ceremony of Spring Language Students was held online and offline simultaneously on Room 311, North Campus. Dean Ye Miao, Party Secretary of CIE Lin Aiju, Vice Dean Xiong Yong and Wu Zhiou,and Vice Party Secretary Fang Jianxiao, Class Teacher Qian Jiangchao, Course Teacher Zhang Minlu, Li Jin and Wu Xiaofei presented in the Closing Ceremony.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Dean Ye made a speech and congratulated the language students that finished their learning plans. She hoped that all these students could become bridges of culture communication between China and foreign countries, and help to spread Chinese culture with excellence. She also hoped that students could continue their learning in Chinese language and Chinese culture, and make full use of what they have learned here in Wenzhou University and in China wherever they are, whatever work they are engaged in in the future.

Soon after Dean Ye’s speech, class teacher Qian Jiangchao made some remarks. He expressed his fondness for the students, and made some wishes and hopes for the students. He felt so pleased by remembering the time he spent with the students and the progress students made in their Chinese. He also thanked these students for their support of his daily work.

BIRIMUMAASO RAYMOND HENRY, a student from Uganda, shared his time of study and living here in WZU in fluent Chinese. He said he was touched by teachers’ concern and care, and promised to learn Chinese language and culture persistently even after they finished their study here. Whereafter, every student shared his or her experience in WZU in a few Chinese sentences. And then course teachers expressed their great wished to them, hoping them have bright future.

At the end, leaders, teachers and students all together took a group photo to mark this happy occasion.