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Chinese Law Explanation and Orientation Education of New International Students of 2021

    In order to enhance international students' awareness of law-abiding and their understanding of Chinese laws and regulations, CIE launched a week-long Chinese Law Publicity and an orientation education for new international students of 2021.

    A lecture on Chinese laws and regulations were held in the conference room of Building 3 in the North Campus on the afternoon of September 22. The lecture was hosted by the Vice Secretary of the CPC CIE Committee, and all freshmen and student counselors attended. Affected by COVID-19 safety procedures, some enrolled international students could not come to WZU yet, but they also attended the lecture through internet.

    First of all, Zheng Ti, an officer of the Wenzhou Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Management Brigade, introduced the visa types, visa policies and documents for applying residence permits in China to international students, informing them that they must hold a valid residence permit during their study period and must not engage in activities that are not allowed for their visa types, such as working, so as to avoid being punished. Afterwards, Zhou Wentao, a police officer from Chashan Police Station in Ouhai District, introduced to international students important laws and regulations in China, especially emphasizing the "zero tolerance" policy for drugs under our laws. He also unveiled various types of frauds that international students may encounter in the future and asked them to keep their bank account and passwords secret and always be aware of frauds. To enhance students' understanding of the rules and regulations of WZU, Qian Jiangchao, a counselor from the Office of the Student Affairs, gave a focused explanation of the university's rules on attendance, accommodation and sanctions. Michael, a foreign teacher, shared his experience of studying, living and working at WZU, emphasizing that every international student must abide by the law in our country, which is the basic guarantee for personal development.

    Through the legal education and orientation education, our fresh international students have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of China's laws and regulations, as well as the university’s rules, laying a good foundation for the future studying and living in WZU.