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2022 Postgraduate Admissions Online Session

    On the evening of September 24th during 18:30 to 19:30, we held an online admission session for prospective 2022 postgraduate students. With a total of 250,000 views have been hit in social media, this session is a good starter for the enrollment of postgraduate students of TCSOL in 2022.

    Our Dean Ye Miao and the Head Teacher Tu Haiqiang hosted the session, introducing and explaining in detail the background and history of the College of International Education, disciplinary advantages and characteristics, enrollment information, faculty, disciplinary research platform, practice base, training program, curriculum, etc., and in the meanwhile answering questions from some candidates online.

    First of all, Dean Ye Miao introduced the history and current development of the college. We offer various school-based courses to help Chinese students and international students experience Chinese culture; organize various short-term exchange programs to promote cultural exchange; create international student TV stations to innovate communication methods; build practical and cultural experience bases to promote all-round three-dimensional understanding; create cultural branding programs to enhance the effectiveness of international communication, etc.

    After that, Mr. Tu Haiqiang introduced the characteristics of our college. We have a high-quality teaching team and many overseas internship bases, where postgraduate students will do their internship, broaden their horizons and increase their teaching experience. Mr. Tu also gave a detailed introduction on the training requirements, training process and previous enrollment of TCSOL students.

    At last, while answering candidates' questions, Mrs. Ye and Mr. Tu recommended some professional books to the candidates, and expressed a warm welcome to the prospective postgraduates.