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Our International Students Achieves Great Results in the 2021 Wenzhou Chinese Speech Contest for Foreign Youngsters

On the evening of November 9th, 2021, “Wenzhou—A Cultural City in My Eyes” 2021 Wenzhou Chinese Speech Contest for Foreign Youngsters held in Wenzhou Medical University. It was sponsored by Wenzhou Culture Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau, hosted by Wenzhou Medical University and co-organized by Wenzhou University, Wenzhou-Kean University and Wenzhou Polytechnic. This speech contest was hold to celebrate Wenzhou’s winning of the title of “Culture City of East Asia”, to promote cultural communication between Wenzhou and other cities and countries in East Asia, and encourage more foreign youngsters to take part in Wenzhou cultural activities. Among those judges of this contest was Jin Litai, dean of School of International Studies, Wenzhou Medical University, Chi Han, director of the Exchange and Cooperation Department of the Municipal Bureau of Culture Broadcasting and Tourism; Xiong Yong, vice dean of the College of International Education of Wenzhou University; Miao Liyi, vice dean of the College of International Education of Wenzhou Medical University; and Zhang Minlu, director of the Teaching and Research Office of Chinese International Promotion of Wenzhou University. Over 30 students from 20 countries attended the Chinese speech contest. 

                         Contest On-site

At the beginning of the contest, Dean Jin delivered a speech. He said that the title of “Culture City of East Asia” has strengthened our confidence in building Wenzhou into an international cultural city. Only by learning Chinese language well could foreign youngsters understand Chinese culture, Chinese Communist Party with a history of 100 years, and the real China in the past, present and future. 

                       Dean Jin delivering a speech

International students could either attend this contest online or on site. Seven international students of our school entered the final round, and they shared their stories of Wenzhou and China with full enthusiasm and vivid speeches. Their stories ranged from cultures of Wenzhou and China to changes of Wenzhou and China in the past century. Portuguese Chinese Student Catarina Chen told her family story. She said that even they live as far as in Portugal, they still keep the lifestyle as Wenzhounese do. The contestant from Uzbekistan, wearing a red Chinese tunic suit, elaborated on the changes of Chinese history and expressed his deep admiration for the hard work of Chinese people and the profundity of Chinese civilization. Tajikistan student Zhu Yilong talked about his dream of becoming a Chinese teacher to teach Chinese language to non-Chinese speakers with sincere words.


The enthusiastic atmosphere at the competition site touched the judges deeply. Vice dean Xiong Yong explained the charm of language through the English translation of "here and now", praised the vigorous and enterprising spirit of all the contestants, and encouraged more young foreigners to join the team of learning Chinese and experiencing Chinese culture. Director Chi Han highly praised participants for their enthusiasm for and fluency of Chinese. She encouraged more foreign students to take part in Chinese language learning, as well as in Chinese culture experiencing. Meanwhile, she expressed her gratitude to all the participants and the staff worked for this competition on behalf of the organizer.

                     Vice Dean Xiong Yong Delivering a Speech

After an exciting competition and on-site score tally, our international students won one second prize, three third prizes and three excellent prizes. The successful conclusion of this competition has added another spotlight to the development of the “Culture City of East Asia", and also expanded the depth of Wenzhou regional cultural exchange and dissemination, showing the world a charming city full of poetry and vitality!

                Director Chi Han and Vice Dean Xiong Yong Handing Out Certificate of Excellence to Winners

                   Dean Miao Liyi and Director Zhang Minlu Handing Out Certificate of Excellence to Winners

                             Group Photo

                                Winner List of Our Schools International Students in This Speech Contest