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“Hello,world” ——2022 International Student Graduation Ceremony and Degree Conferral Ceremony

On June 22, 2022 International Graduation Ceremony and Degree Conferral Ceremony was held in Yansong Hall, South Campus. Audiences on site were Cai Shuguang, Vice President of Wenzhou University (WZU), chief leaders from Ouhai District Immigration Management Brigade, Chashan Police Station, and Wenzhou City Culture Center, heads of relevant departments and secondary colleges and all teachers and staff of International Education College (CIE).

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this graduation ceremony was delivered both online and on site. International graduates inside and outside of China, their parents and alumni of WZU were gathering online to celebrate the successful completion of their studies in WZU.

The ceremony kicked off with a cheerful African dance, and the video clip “Study in WZU” pulled the international students into the door of memories, and they couldn't help but recalling their four years of study at WZU.

After that, Vice President Cai Shuguang delivered a speech to fully affirm their achievements and wish all of them a prosperous future and happiness. He said that "if you study alone and have no friends, you are lonely and uneducated" and hoped the 2022 international graduates would learn from the strengths of others and other cultures and become ambassadors of long-term friendly exchanges between their home countries and China.

Dr. Xu Zheng, the faculty representative, expressed his warmest congratulations and offered useful advice for the international graduates. He hoped they would never lose the aspiration to study and never lose the inner strength to overcome future challenges.

LUHWAGO JOSHUA CHARLES, a computing science and technology student of grade 2018 from Tanzania, spoke on behalf of the undergraduate students, saying, "No matter what choice we make, we will uphold the spirit of WZU, trying to be good ambassadors of our alma mater, and insist on working for the friendly development of our home countries and China." Later, a blessing video of the graduate student representative, Aylan, an applied economics student of grade 2019 from Italy was played. She expressed her gratitude to her alma mater WZU through the video.

Two representatives of the graduates' parents, also through video, sent their best wishes to their children as well as their classmates. The two parents congratulated graduates on the successful completion of studies, wished them a smooth start of a new journey in life, and hope they will make contribution to their motherland in the future.

Two Alumni of grade 2017 and 2018 respectively also sent their best wishes to their younger graduating alumni and shared with them experience of studying in WZU through recorded videos. 

Then, Song Zhanmei, Dean of CIE and Lin Aiju, Secretary of the CPC CIE Committee announced the name lists of outstanding international graduates and alumni liaison members respectively, and the heads of relevant departments presented honorary certificates to international students and completion certificates to language class graduates.

At the degree conferral part, the graduates came to the stage one by one and were crowned by the Deans of each college. Gone with the turning tassel was these graduating students’ lives at WZU, but comes a new journey of life. However, they will always be students of WZU. 

At the end of the ceremony, Zeng Chunling, Director of Wenzhou Wuzhou Art Troupe and Jennifer, graduate student of language class and Audrey, graduate student of Law College together sang a gentle and expressive song to congratulate graduating students, hoping them could make full use of  what they’ve learned at WZU to achieve their dreams in the future.