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Opening Ceremony for 2022 International Freshmen

September 15, Wenzhou University(WZU) held Opening Ceremony for 2022 International Freshmen. Attending the opening ceremony were leaders from Immigration Management Brigade of Ouhai District Public Security Bureau, vice president Cai Shuguang, heads and foreign affairs specialists of relevant departments of WZU, all faculties of College of International Education, as well as all international freshmen of grade 2022.

Vice president Cai Shuguang gave a speech to freshmen themed on “Meet Your Better Self” in the opening ceremony. He said: “Wenzhou, where you are going to live in, is full of beauty, and WZU, where you are going to study in, is also full of beauty. So I hope you can and I sincerely wish you all to live with heart, learn with strength and get along with love in this wonderful campus, in your wonderful youth, to meet a better self!”

Teacher representative Zhou Jinghan shared with freshmen her personal experience. She said of her experience: “If you need any help, we are always here for you. I hope you can respect each other’s cultures, learn to deal with things from different perspectives and try your best to become useful to the world’s development.”

Tajikistan student Zhu YiLong, a postgraduate student majoring in TCSOL, shared his story with the freshmen and encouraged them to realize their dreams step by step. He said: “ This is my second year here. I know how you feel by the time just arrived here. But don’t worry, everything will be fine. Teachers and students here are all very nice.” Yemen freshman Tian Yi majoring in Mechanical Engineering also shared his story. He said: “ I want to thank WZU for giving me this opportunity to stand here, and I hope the friendship between China and my home country can last forever.” 

Students were adorned with the university badge, a symbol and sign of the university’s spirit, meaning freshmen have become WZUers and have started their study here. To start their studies here with cultural understandings, the Book of Songs( the first collection of poems in China), Tang Poems and Song Lyrics are the gems of Chinese literary history and the epitome of excellent Chinese traditional culture. These culture books for all freshmen were gifted with the bilingual(English and Chines) versions of both books and were expected to improve their Chinese language skills, understand traditional Chinese culture and become into culture sharers.

The opening ceremony ended with upbeat music while teachers and students drew lucky blind boxes to start the new school year.