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Teaching and Research

Secretary of CPC WZU, Xie Shuhua and President of WZU, Zhao Min visited CIE at the beginning of the New Semester

At the beginning of the new semester, Xie Shuhua, secretary of CPC WZU and Zhao Min, president of WZU visited CIE respectively to see how various works are carried out and whether any help is needed.

Secretary Xie extend his warm greetings to all faculties in CIE, and spoken highly of the performance of CIE in the past year, particularly of the achievement in fighting Covid-19. Xie hopes that as we remain committed to the routine of CIE, we further advance Chinese Language Promotion Project and improve discipline construction to make WZU more internationalized.

   President Zhao had a nice talk with the leaders of CIE. After listening to the work plan of CIE in the new semester, he encouraged us to make more achievements in the new phase.

In the new semester, faculties in CIE will concentrate on WZUs working theme of grasping opportunities to realize the international development of WZU.