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CIE Signed a Cooperation Agreement with Chinese School of Florence, Italy

On the morning of May 29, Mr. Pan Shili, principal of the Chinese School of Florence, Italy, and his delegation visited CIE, WZU. Ye Miao, Dean of CIE, Wu Zhiou, Vice Dean, Kan Wenwen, head of the Master's Program of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, and Wang Dan, secretary of teaching affairs attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Dean Ye extended a warm welcome to Principle Pan Shili and his delegation. She gave them a full introduction of CIE, including the basic conditions of CIE, settings for the program of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Language, postgraduate education, and graduates employment. At the same time, she expressed her wish to further cooperate with the  Italian-Chinese Cultural and Educational Exchange and Research Center, as well as the Chinese School of Florence, Italy. She hoped that the two parties can establish a common practice base to provide international internship opportunities and a working environment for students majoring in TCSOL. With the guidance from the special teaching plan of WZU-CIE, she hoped to bring mutual benefits to both parties by developing international Chinese language education and carrying out substantive cooperation. 

Then Principal Pan Shili the unveiled his school to CIE members, including the basic situation in the Chinese School in Florence, Italy, the teaching methods under the current global epidemic, and the teaching arrangements for the next year. He also put forward some hopes and requirements for the cooperation project and its participating teachers and students. He also expressed his trust in Wen University and its teaching quality. At the end of the meeting, the two parties signed a cooperation agreement hoping to bring more benefits to both parties as well as their students.

At 1:30 in the afternoon, Principal Pan Shili and teacher Xie Qun had a talk with the sophomore students who are interested in teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages in the 212 Tea Room. Mr. Pan told students the history of the Chinese School of Florence and how the previous principals and teachers sought for better development of the school in the past 20 years. He warmly welcome students to have teaching internships there by fully introducing the current curriculum and teaching methods of the Chinese schools under the epidemic. As to students’ questions and inquiry, he answered patiently and delicately.