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Our Counselor Won the Championship at the 7th Wenzhou Youth Interpreting Contest

Recently, 12 competitors fought for the championship in English programs at the 7th Wenzhou Youth Interpreting Contest that took place at Wenzhou-Kean University. Qian Jiangchao, counselor of CIE, won the contest with his fluency in Chinese and English, his sophisticated interpreting skills and his excellent ability to remain calm and unflustered under pressure. The Youth Translation Competition is divided into preliminary, finals and final rounds. There were about 200 contestants from all walks of life in Wenzhou, including college students and English teachers from various universities in Wenzhou, which made it more challenging to win the first prize.

Qian said that he was able to win the contest, thanks to his daily work. He graduated from MTI of Hainan University in 2016, and has worked as a counselor in CIE since 2018. He is in charge of apartment management, disciplinarys action and emergencies handling for international students, and his daily language at work is English. He offers interpreting services to many activities, such as orientation lectures and summer research works for international students. His public speaking ability, working well under pressure, good memory and extensive master of knowledge have been improved during his daily work and luckily these abilities are what a good interpreter needs. Therefore, Qian said a good interpreter should pay more attention to daily practice.

   It is reported that the Wenzhou Youth Interpreting Contest is a foreign language tournament of the highest standard for public interest in the city, held every two years. The 7th Wenzhou Youth Interpreting Contest is held by Wenzhou Association of Foreign Languages & Literatures and sponsored by Wenzhou-Kean University.