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Teaching and Research

Dean Ye Made a Visit to the Business School and Law School

    On the morning of April 13, Dean Ye Miao, Vice Dean Xiong Yong, Wu Zhiou, Deputy Secretary of the CPC WZU-CIE Committee, and division chiefs of CIE visited the Business School and Law School. They held talks with corresponding leaders and staff on the education and management of international students.
    The first talk was held in Room A222, Business School, North Campus. Hu Zhenhua, Dean of the Business School, Zheng Cailian, Secretary of the CPC WZU-BS Committee, Luo Jianli and Yu Xiangqian, Vice Deans of the Business School, Xu Zheng, Director of International Education, as well as relevant staff and teachers participated. They discussed problems which need to be addressed in the process of the admission, education and management of international students. This talk also highlighted many details on achieving quality education, expanding student numbers and enhancing services for students, to make further progress in the internationalization vision of WZU.

    The second talk took place in Room 314, Law School, North Campus. Wang Zongzheng, Dean of the Law School, Yang Zhenhai, Deputy Secretary of the CPC WZU-LS Committee, Zhou Huyong, Vice Dean of the Law School, Hu Yaling, International Teaching Secretary, and Bai Chanke, the international student’s counselor attended the talk. Issues involving overdue tuition fees, practical teaching, synchronous management of domestic and foreign students, and newly added international majors were all discussed at the talk.

    It is reported that four more colleges, members of the six major colleges for international students education, were visited. They are College of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, College of Life and Environment Science, College of Civil Engineering and Architecture, and College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.
    All those visits enabled relevant colleges to have a full understanding of present international students education trends and requirements. They also provided Overseas Students Education & Services a better understanding of problems and needs of other colleges in their admissions and management of international students, helping to lay a solid foundation in offering better education and services for international students.