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Inspection Team from the Municipal Government Inspected Our Summer Arrangement of International Students

    On the morning of July 14, an inspection team from the municipal government, guided by the Notice of Zhejiang Education Department regarding special inspections of international students' Summer work, visited our university to check whether our university had implemented the international students management and education in accordance of the Notice. The inspection team was made up of four people, including Hou Bonian, Deputy Director of Higher Education Division of Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Education, Zhang Renjie, staff of Office of Foreign Cooperation and Exchange, Ouyang Chao, Officer of Exit and Entry Administration Bureau of Wenzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, Chen Xiaofei, officer of Exit and Entry Administration Brigade of Ouhai District Public Security Bureau. In response, relevant leaders and staff welcomed the inspection team and attended the inspection meeting, which was chaired by Lin Ai’ju, Secretary of the Party Committee of CIE. Ye Miao, Dean of the CIE, Sun Ansuo, Director of the Security Department of WZU, Zheng Ting, Deputy Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, Fang Jianxiao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of CIE, and relevant staff of the CIE's Academic Affairs Office also attended the meeting. This special inspection focuses on the summer management of international students, which was inspected in several ways, including special reporting, checking working records, field inspections and feedback exchanges.

    In the meeting, Dean Ye expressed a warm welcome to the inspection team and hoped that the inspection team would give us more suggestions and guidance for the management of international students in the university. Dean Ye briefly introduced to the inspection team the development of international student education, management, enrollment status, student structure and educational characteristics of the university.
    Deputy Secretary Fang Jianxiao reported the basic system of international student management in detail, including the daily management, epidemic prevention and control measures, emergency handling mechanism, apartment management, anti-drug education, characteristics of student affairs and special activities for international students to experience China.
    After carefully inspecting the records of international students education,  Mr. Hou, the head of the inspection team, prized our work, and said that due to the differences in culture and education, objective difficulties in the management of international students are inevitable, but all the cadres of international students education should joint hands together to overcome difficulties and to ensure a safe, orderly and stable daily management of international students.

    After that, the inspection team visited the international students' apartment and checked the daily duty sheet and the international students' visitor registration form on site. At the same time, they went into the students' dormitories to check the safety use of electricity in the dormitories and randomly communicated with international students to see if students received information about epidemic prevention and control and daily safety.


    Our university will take this special inspection as an opportunity to comprehensively sort out the shortcomings in the daily management of international students, check the gaps and ensure the long-term safety and stability of international student management.